Movie time, Film ab, Mietwohnung in Wien

Movie on! This is how you will be living here as of March 2021.

24. November 2020

The BEL & MAIN Residences offer excellent living standards in an urban location surrounded by numerous large green oases. Sometimes it seems difficult to believe that Vienna’s city centre is within walking distance from here.

Convince yourself of our extraordinary rental apartments, complete with furnishings of outstanding quality – something you can usually only enjoy if you buy your own condominium.

Our video invites you to come see a very special residential project: starting in March 2021, the BEL & MAIN Residences will be ready for occupancy. The generously dimensioned, elegantly designed lobby provides a representative first impression.

The in-house community space, equipped with VITRA furniture and branded kitchen equipment, will be teeming with activity: a large dinner party with friends or an afternoon baking cookies with the neighbours – these are just two of the many options for activities in this space. The community space can also provide a welcome change of scenery if you’re running a home office – just an elevator ride away from your own four walls.

If you want to work on your physical fitness, you can make use of the attractive in-house fitness area with daylight and Technogym equipment, or start outside the front door with sports shoes, a bicycle or tennis equipment in the green areas of the Schweizergarten, the Arsenal, the Schlossgarten Belvedere, the Botanical Gardens or Helmut-Zilk-Park.

The high standards of exceptional implementation quality, modern design and exquisite furnishings are maintained in the flats – regardless of whether you prefer one of the CLASSIC RESIDENCES with their attractive loggia, or one of the ROOFTOP RESIDENCES on the top floor, with a terrace.

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