Planung der Einrichtung für neue Wohnung

Furniture planning tool

23. November 2020

In the BEL & MAIN Residences, not only can you rent a flat completely digitally or view an apartment via video call… you can even plan the furnishings for the apartment of your choice from the comfort of your couch.

Do you own existing furniture? Or do you want to purchase additional furniture for your new apartment?

Using the “Plan furniture” function in the 3D apartment finder, you can easily

  • furnish selected apartments online,
  • share the view you’ve selected and thus create your dream apartment together with your loved one,
  • save your plan and
  • print it.

Important Note: Please follow the directions in the planning tool. Sizes of selected apartments may vary from one floor to another. The dimensions indicated are without guarantee and are no substitute for the acceptance of natural dimensions.

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